tarotTarot first made its appearance in medieval Europe. The domain of gypsies, it was used to pass on folk tales and make predictions about the future. Although it went underground for a few centuries, it took on the innocuous form of playing cards, which survives to this day. Playing cards however represent only a part of the entire tarot deck, with the major arcana eliminated entirely, except for the Joker card.

The Renaissance movement saw Tarot resurface and grow stronger. Intellectuals, scientists and spiritualists were attracted to the Tarot, looking for the deeper mysteries in the cards. The cards themselves were revamped and esoteric secrets coded into them.

Today, the simplest form of using the cards is for predictions. From the mundane to the deeply spiritual, the cards have answers to all your questions. Whether they are related to love, finance, career, growth or spirituality, the cards are ever ready to guide us, uncovering trends and patterns that we may not normally observe. They also help us understand our own motivations and dreams and guide us to manifesting our deepest desires.

While the tarot cards encompass every situation we could encounter in our life, the different tarot spreads or tarot layouts are designed to give us insights into our life situations. The tarot card readings provide us with a map of events to come, steering us through the rough patches, urging us to honour our inner wisdom, play to our strengths and make the best decisions we can.

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