Creating The Life of Your Dreams

With Leo Velloz

Discover the resources within you and around you to create a life of mental, emotional and spiritual abundance. A 10 day online course Introducing a powerful, time tested technique for changing the patterns of disharmony and self sabotage that take you away from your true self. This will redefine your inner power and help you create powerful and lasting positive change.

30 years of working with people from every walk of life has given Leo Velloz a unique perspective on how to facilitate change, to help people transform lives. Whether you have lost direction, or are bogged down with worries and burdens… if it is your clear desire to change the situation you are in… no matter how difficult or hopeless it seems to you… even if you have tried before, numerous times, Leo’s method is so effective that is has completely transformed the lives of virtually everyone who has worked with him.

He has helped people battling emotional issues, divorce, physical challenges, post traumatic stress disorder, ADD, ADHD, grief, health related issues, career confusion and blocks, financial distress and virtually every issue you can think of. His discreet and caring approach has helped transform the lives of thousands.

You know you were meant to have a better quality of life. 

life-transformation3It is your right to want a career that feels more meaningful and rewarding, emotionally and financially. You know deep inside that is time to tap into your true potential and not be distracted and detoured from your dreams.

You have been badly hurt in the past; you feel vulnerable and deeply desire to have relationships that are joyful and nurturing. Also you understand the need to build a deep rapport with yourself and in doing so, you know that new friendships and relationships that support you and nurture you will materialize.

Perhaps, you have an inner calling to bring more spiritual energy into your life, helping you discover your true purpose, your spiritual origins and your fulfilling future. You are ready to make big changes but are not sure how to begin.

Whatever you situation, you are at a point where you can be the change your life requires.

Whether the quality you wish to invite is clarity of mind, grounding, vision, follow through…

The time to make the shift is now. And as you do so new avenues will present themselves to you, avenues you never imagined were open to you.

Your Time Is Now



The moment of shift is really just a millisecond. As you reach for that desire for change, you make the shift.

Every heartbreaking past attempt is now going to fuel your desire. Every dream you chased will now have its time in the sun.

Positive change is immensely simple. All it requires is for you to be committed to yourself.

Why You Haven’t Been Able To Do This Before

All this time you have been unknowingly battling vast forces. Our childhood and societal coding teaches us the values of poverty, struggle, self sacrifice, failure. So little of what we learn brings our attention to our own infinite potential. To our ability to co-exist in harmony, supporting and nourishing each other.

All too often our education system teaches to aspire for rank rather that knowledge and wisdom. We are judged on our outward appearance rather than the potential we have for greatness.

And sadly our vision has been ridiculed and beaten down.

But now you actually have a roadmap for success!

Realise Your Dreams with Leo Velloz

A natural intuitive, Leo Velloz has been consciously working with energy healing modalities since the age of 9. Able to step between dimensions, he perceives issues not only at the physical, but also at the emotional, mental and etheric level, giving him access to your energetic blueprint. What this essentially means is that he can help you release blocks and limitations across all dimensions of time and space.

His unique energy healing program will take you on a journey within yourself where you will be able to :

 Heal emotional and mental trauma.

 Clear your energy system

 Ground your energy

 Balance your Aura and Chakras

 Learn to look at yourself with compassion and love

 Heal and harmonize relationships

 Open your vision

 Optimise your time

 Realize your goals

People who have worked with Leo have achieved remarkable results in a short span of time, notably within the course of his 10 day mediation program itself, making personal breakthroughs that were previously impossible to achieve. The results continue post sessions as well.

This method has worked for captains of industry, small business owners, directors, actors, models, artists, musicians, writers, professionals, housewives, students… essentially people from every walk of life.

His process is simple, helping you make the transition into abundance with ease and grace.

What people who have worked with Leo have to say:

life-transformation1I had been very confused, lost and unhappy with the way my life was going. There were too many issues to handle, and everything seemed to be at a dead end. I was looking for answers, but I never thought that a major part of the problem could be within me. Leo’s chakra balancing, meditation and healing sessions have steadily calmed my mind, and helped me to let go of many negative thoughts, feelings and issues, that I never even knew I harbored. Leo’s calm and soothing personality made it a whole lot easier to open up and express myself. As of now, personal and professional changes that I see in and around me, are simply amazing! It’s like new doors just opening all around. Relationships are a lot better, my work flow has immensely improved, and at times I can’t believe the appreciation I receive! Leo’s suggestion that I begin DE-cluttering my home, led to a major change in the way my life is beginning to unfold. Now, I am a lot more hopeful, positive and looking forward to a bright new phase of life.

Thank you so much Leo and Mindspa!! ;-)

- Sebastian, Mumbai

Going to Mind Spa was like opening up a whole new world to me which I never knew existed. I got my aura scanned from Leo and came across issues which I didn’t know existed. Leo is someone who will know you in an instant and will make you realize issues within you that you might need to work on and this is where his guided meditation comes in picture. Through his guided meditation you will witness a whole different world within you and also get connected to your higher self. Leo makes it very easy for you to open up to him and helps you work on yourself. I highly recommend each one of you out there to get their aura scanned with Leo and discover a more vibrant, focused and beautiful life for yourself.

- Preeti Agrawal, Nepal

Every day I remember with gratitude the tremendous difference my 10 sessions with Leo have made to my life. My relationship with my parents has improved and more importantly I feel a deeper bond of love and understanding with my husband. I cannot imagine that all the pain I carried since childhood got healed and released so gracefully and easily under Leo’s care. And Leo is a thorough professional and at the same time he is approachable, like a wise Master who understands you better than you understand yourself. What I loved best was that there was no judgement about my anger and my hatred, just deep compassion and gentle steering towards healing and loving myself. Thank you always. God Bless.

- Jasmine Patel, Brighton

I read about aura scan in a brochure. I went to Leo out of curiosity! I was skeptical about the whole thing, till I heard his accurate ‘diagnosis’. It completely threw me off guard! It was like he knew exactly what was going on!!! I was going through some very tough times and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so I started my guided meditation the very next day. I could find the changes right from the first session and by the end of the

10 sessions, I could feel I had completely changed for the better. I have become more grounded and stronger emotionally. I have finally found peace of mind. I am able to face the challenges better. Leo helped me believe in myself and am confident that I could never go back to feeling helpless and depressed. I can’t thank Leo enough, he helped me put my life back on track!

- Prassy, Chennai

Making The Shift With Leo



Working with Leo will help you fast track your life in the direction you desire. You will observe miraculous shifts happen with grace and ease that you could not imagine possible. Seemingly insurmountable obstacles will be left far behind as you race ahead to meet your destiny and live your dream.

This power packed 10 day program will change the way you regard yourself and life. Each hour long session will lead you to discover yourself and to truly love and appreciate who you are. You will learn to ground yourself, so that no matter what issues arise, you will handle them with poise and resourcefulness.

You will learn to think laterally, to allow the good to enter, to embrace positive change and to create success wherever you go, to step into the limitless possibilities that life offers.

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