meditation-imgBuddhist breathing or guided visualisation, chakra balancing or healing meditation, innumerable techniques of meditation are available to anyone who cares to look. Not surprisingly the growing need for meditation is a consequence of today’s highly stressful life.

Meditation calms the mind and frees the inner spirit, allowing for a healing to occur at the deepest level of the mind and body. No longer restricted to monks and yogis, from teenagers to executives, more people are turning to meditation as a means to relive stress, gain clarity and focus and even grow spiritually.

With more and more doctors prescribing meditation as a form of stress relief, mediation today has taken on many genres, incorporating dance, music and painting as a form of expression. For some people walking, sitting by the seaside or even socialising with friends becomes their way of finding inner tranquillity.

The bottom line is that whether you chant, pray, practice breathing exercises or just spend an extra 5 minutes of apparent laziness in bed, if it makes your brain waves frequency shift into a deeper pattern, it is time well spent. Meditation calms the soul, inspires self-motivation and develops the intuition, giving the mind and body access to incredible reserves of energy.

Our meditation program is designed around you, helping you heal from within, gain control over your life and align with your destiny. Each healing meditation is unique and dedicated to bringing about powerful and long lasting transformations is your life.

Corporate workshops are also available and are designed exclusively to fit the needs of the organisation and its employees, whether it is goal setting, productivity, team building or time management.

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