Leos meditation sessions truly helps in a happier and healthier life. The difference can be experienced after every session – first emotionally and mentally and then materially / physically. It is a powerful alternate medication that heals from within outward and enables uniting with the Higher Self. At first I felt that the benefits of meditation can be realized by anyone though independent practice but there is a difference when it is facilitated by an experienced healer for a specific outcome.

By Gaurav

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A Blessing To My Life‎

Every day I remember with gratitude the tremendous difference my 10 sessions with Leo have made to my life. My relationship with my parents has improved and more importantly I feel a deeper bond of love and understanding with my husband. I cannot imagine that all the pain I carried since childhood got healed and released so gracefully and easily under Leo’s care. And Leo is a thorough professional and at the same time he is living approachable, like a wise master who understands you better than you understand yourself. What I loved best was that there was no judgement about my anger and my hatred, just deep compassion and gentle steering towards healing and loving myself. Thank you always. God Bless.

By Jasmine Patel

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Brought back peace into my life!‎‎

I met Leo by chance at an exhibition and was impressed with his casual but accurate reading of my aura. After I completed the 10 hour meditation sessions with him, I was further impressed. By day 3, I noticed the changes in me, I calmed down and my fears and insecurities started dissipating gradually. By day 10 I was back to being courageous and strong! Thanks Leo, for restoring my faith in myself and in God!

By Sandhya

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Changed my life forever!‎‎

I read about aura scan in a brochure. I went to Leo out of curiosity! I was skeptical about the whole thing, till I heard his accurate ‘diagnosis’. It completely threw me off guard! It was like he knew exactly what was going on!!! I was going through some very tough times and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so I started my guided meditation the very next day. I could find the changes right from the first session and by the end of the 10 sessions, I could feel I had completely changed for the better. I have become more grounded and stronger emotionally. I have finally found peace of mind. I am able to face the challenges better. Leo helped me believe in myself and am confident that I could never go back to feeling helpless and depressed. I can’t thank Leo enough, he helped me put my life back on track!

By Prassy

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Awesome Aura!‎‎

Every spiritual person is keen to know his own aura and its analysis for faster inner growth… leo is a person who not only gives you an indepth aura and chakra reposrt but also guides you with the right solutions and meditations for upliftment… instantly and with a true concern for you…. !!

By Natesh

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