Our detailed Aura Scan report shows you the exact state of your aura and your chakras. Energy levels, damage, if any, to your aura and distortions in your chakras are distinctly visible, making it possible to understand where and why your life force energy is being blocked or reduced. Since each chakra is connected to an endocrine gland in the body, potential problem areas are revealed, giving you the chance to heal the imbalances now and avoid future problems.

Your stress levels, disharmony in your yin-yang balance, the energy efficacy of each chakra, your overall energy balance, an analysis of each colour in your aura and in depth understanding of your colour personality are all provided, making this a comprehensive study of yourself.

Through our personal consultation, you will also understand how to get your energy back in harmony. Further the report will help you develop your strengths and uncover your hidden potential. You can also choose to go in for our customised meditation program designed to help you deal with your problems on all levels – physical, emotional and mental, directly and immediately.

To get your detailed 23 page colour report using the sophisticated Aura Video Station, a multimedia bio-feedback device that photographs your aura in real time click here to book your appointment.