What is Orgone?

Known as Prana in India and Qi in the Orient, Orgone is the term coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich to describe life force energy. Energy that is healthy and life sustaining is described as POR (Positive Orgone Radiation) while heavy, dense energy is described as DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

Left to itself, the Earth is a natural generator of Positive Orgone. However due to increasing pollution, physical and electronic, the energy around us has slowly undergone a massive shift. Radiation has become an all too common problem, not only in cities but also in the rural landscape, altering the energy dynamics across the world.


The Need For Positive Orgone

Life Force Energy that is polluted and stagnant ultimately leads to a degradation of the environment, causing areas that were once green to turn barren. Research has shown that droughts are, in effect, man-made, spurred on by the relentless ‘improvements’ in our technology driven life.

At a more personal level, living in an energy polluted environment has a detrimental effect on the cells of the body. Multiple researchers across the world have independently shown that living in proximity to cell towers puts you in a high risk category for cancer. The constant bombardment of our body by cell tower emissions causes the cells in the body to mutate, ultimately leading to cancer.

A multitude of other degenerative diseases too are on the rise. However the more visible effects of ESmog are behavioural dysfunctions, mental and emotional stress. Headaches, depression, apathy, mental lethargy, irritability are also common byproducts.


How Orgone Works

By restructuring the energy around you, Orgonelite creates Postive Orgone, allowing your body to access good energy in the midst of the chaos of modern day living. Orgone rich environments feel like an oasis of calm, allowing your mind and body to heal, rest, and function better. Productivity improves, clarity of mind is present and importantly, relationships begin to improve.

The moment Orgone is introduced into your space it starts healing the energy. The core crystal in your Orgone is constantly active due to the piezoelectric effect caused by the shrinking of the resin. Unhealthy energy that carries a negative charge is transmuted into positive energy that is then released into the environment.

Thanks to recent advancements in Orgone making technology, Orgone devices are engineered to allow only good energy into your space, no matter how polluted the energy around you is. In fact, the more polluted your environment is with ESmog the harder your Orgone will work to clear it up.

An instantly tangible difference you will feel is a sense of calm. Headaches caused by ESmog reduce and ultimately disappear, your mood lightens and you will find yourself able to think clearly and coherently.


Practical Applications of Orgone

Protection from Radiation

Applications in Agriculture, improved output, increased yield

Healing imbalances in the aura and chakras

Dissolve chemtrails

Healing earth or places that have been energetically and physically stressed

Clean water bodies


What are the benefits of Orgone?

Enjoy better quality of sleep & increased vitality

Shields against negative energies and Esmog

Clears the aura and the chakras

Facilitates spiritual growth

Highly effective tool for healing and meditation

Positively charges food, water, medicines, etc.

Promotes harmonious personal relationships

Improves the environment at work


How can you use Orgonelite?

Place it on your workstation or next to your laptop

Next to your bed it promotes restful sleep

Orgonelite in your refrigerator keeps food fresh longer

Serves as a powerful meditation aid

Use it in crystal therapy to clear blocks in the chakras

Effective Vaastu correction tool

Place it in areas with high concentration of electronic gadgets

Place it in the car to avoid EMF while travelling

The amazing impact Orgone has on people’s physical life is just a wonderful byproduct.  Read through our testimonials and see how Orgone has helped people at multiple levels.

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