aura-reading-imgThe aura is your energy identity. A swirling mass of colours it represents you on the mental, physical and emotional level. Your thoughts and feelings give color to your aura, making it possible for a psychic to know what you are experiencing. Although it is widely accepted that there are 7 levels of the aura, some psychics are able to perceive subtler levels. Healthy auras are markedly brighter and bigger, radiating a positivity and warmth that is tangible to everyone.

The good news is that in today’s technology savvy world it is possible for the layman to see his aura and understand its many nuances. In an Aura Scan data is collected directly from your hand. This cutting edge Aura Imaging System gives you a clear picture of your aura and your chakras.

People who don’t have access to an aura scanner have the option of getting their Aura Photo online as well. Any disturbances and deviations are visible, helping you pinpoint which areas are in distress and require attention.

The aura, being made up of pure energy is easy to influence. Any disturbances can, with the right application and technique, be smoothened out. Aura therapy is fast becoming a popular method of rejuvenating the energy.

White light cleansing is one of the most widely used techniques, providing quick, if short term relief. While white light or even golden light cleansing is a perfectly good energy healing tool, dealing with the root cause of the issue requires deeper energy work, namely through chakra healingguided visaulisations and specific meditation techniques.

Other popular methods include crystal healing, salt baths, burning camphor, frankincense and white sage. It is however highly recommended that crystal therapy be done by an experienced therapist as the wrong application of crystal energy can cause damage to the aura, rupturing it and leaving you open to outside influence and in some instances cause the chakras to go off balance.

A technique that we at Mind Spa recommend and which can be used safely by even a beginner is to imagine a hairbrush made out of pure white light. Gently brush your aura from the crown of your head all the way to your toes for a few minutes. This not only clears your aura of energy snarls and tangles; it also rids you of psychic lice and energy debris. All this while smoothing out and healing your aura. You can finish this quick healing by sealing your aura to ensure that negative energy stays out.

Your aura is your energy barometer. A healthy and strong aura means life progresses easily, positive people and situations are attracted to your sphere of influence and your energy health and wellbeing is on a high. Regular cleansing and rejuvenation of your aura is the fastest way of improving your quality of life.
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