Level 3 Reiki or Third Degree is usually opted for only by those who intend to become Master Practitioners or Teachers. The powerful Master Symbol is taught in a series of sessions, enabling the practitioner’s energy work to be at a higher, purer level.

The time taken to complete the Master/Teacher Level varies from student to student. The method of transmitting the Reiki Attunement is passed on to the student. Once proficient in the technique, the new Reiki Master can attune other people to Reiki energy and teach all the 3 levels.

It is however required that the student have practiced Reiki regularly for some amount of time before taking on Level 3. This is because the changes that occur within the practitioner’s energy are tremendous. Without proper preparation and training, the practitioner will have a hard time coping with the energy shift that the Level 3 initiation brings on.

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