Level 2 or Second Degree Reiki training increases the strength of the Reiki energy flowing through you by at least 4 times from Level 1. The symbols taught in Reiki 2 empower you to go beyond time and space. These powerful symbols help you work through issues from the past, be it illness, emotional trauma or depression. Reiki 2 also teaches you to direct energy into the creation of abundance and wellbeing.

The symbols you learn also mean that you can now transmit Reiki to people across the world instantly. Initiations are conducted over a 2 day period in which time the student learns the symbols. The 21 days cleansing period in which Reiki is practiced on the self is mandatory to cleanse the chakras at deeper level.

Reiki 2 also works increasingly with your third eye or ajna chakra, helping it cleanse and develop further. This translates into increased intuition, clarity of thought and mental sharpness. The more you practice Reiki 2, the sharper your intuition. Reiki 2 also advocates the practice of intuitive healing, breaking away from the routine practice of Reiki 1.

Although a lot of people ‘sense’ the energy more in Reiki 1, Reiki 2 being subtler, works at a deeper level that most people are not quite sensitive enough to feel. However, regular practice is the key to increasing your sensitivity.

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