The Reiki 1 attunement consists of a series of energy initiations carried out over 2 days. Students are taught the different hand positions along the body for self-treatment and also for treating others. Basic theories and procedures are also explained, ensuring that the student has adequate knowledge about what to expect during Reiki healing.

While the attunement process is simple for the student, the flow of Life Force Energy into them is increased manifold. Some people experience this as a tingling feeling, warmth, heat and even a cold sensation. The truth is that the experience varies from person to person and it is not uncommon for people to not feel much of a difference initially. However as the practice of Reiki is continued over 21 days, also known as the cleansing period when all the toxins are ejected from the body, most people have some kind of an experience that is personal to them and helps them ‘feel’ Reiki energy.

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