mind-mapping2You are as unique as your fingerprint. Yet we all go through the same school systems, the same tests for grading our intelligence and quite a few of us end up in careers ill suited to our natural gifts. While most of us learn to cope, we are also frustrated, angry and burnt out, wondering why we don’t feel joy and satisfaction in our work life.

Mind Mapping allows you to understand your unique skills and sharpen them, while helping you to develop those areas that you are not naturally adept in. What this essentially means is that you get a better perspective of yourself and your life. More importantly, it can help you guide your children not only in terms of their long term career, but to also better prepare for school and college examinations, all the while opening new vistas for their lateral and vertical growth.

How Mind Mapping/DMIT Works

mind-mapping1Your unique set of fingerprints developed while you were in your mother’s womb. Apart from the very well known identification through fingerprints, there is so much more to them. They actually reflect the unique developmental patterns in your brain. DMIT or Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Testing allows you to understand the different intelligences that humans function with.

These include:

Linguistic Intelligence

People with verbal-linguistic intelligence love playing with words. They are good writers or speakers, usually both. They use linguistics as a tool to think, and are very persuasive in their speech or writing. They make good entertainers, teachers, novelists, journalists, etc.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

People with high logical-mathematical intelligence are excellent with numbers. Analysing data and abstract thinking comes easy to them. They have a highly developed analytical mind and are good at games like chess.

Naturalist Intelligence

This refers to a person’s love and connection to nature. People with a well developed naturalist intelligence gravitate towards environmental awareness, pollution control and landscaping. They have a keen interest in animals and plants.

Spatial Intelligence(Picture Smart)

Spatial intelligence encompasses careers that require strong imagery. These are people who think in pictures and have excellent visual receptive skills. They also have well developed fine motor skills and can use their hands to create visually delightful projects.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence

A high kinaesthetic intelligence makes for people who are very aware of the world through their touch. Their body and mind work together gracefully. Their hand eye coordination is excellent and they have great dexterity in body movement.

Musical Intelligence

Strong musical intelligence allows for thinking in patterns, rhythms and sounds. These people have a strong appreciation for music and are often good at musical composition and performance. They think, feel and process information primarily through sound.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Those with strong interpersonal intelligence are good at understanding and interacting with other people. They are skilled at assessing the emotions, motivations, desires and intentions of those around them and make good leaders and mediators.

 Intrapersonal Intelligence

These are individuals who are keenly aware of their emotions, motivations and feelings. While they enjoy interacting with others, they also require time in solitude to reflect and create.

Getting Your Personal Report

Your fingerprints are scanned and the data therein collated. Three days later your report is made available. What follows is one on one consultation in which your detailed 44 page report is discussed.

Recommendations will also be made as to how you can improve areas that are weak and how you can capitalize on your strengths.

Improving Examination Performance

mind-mapping3Since each person uses their brain in a unique manner, some are better at oral testing, some at verbal. Still others excel in practical examinations. Through the DMIT Report, you will understand how to adapt teaching and learning styles, making study time more exciting and engaging. This same set of skills will also be used later on in life, whether in career, relationships or personal growth.

Mind Mapping is a powerful tool that can change not only the way you perceive yourself, but also the way you interact with the world around you. Understanding yourself and your family members, how they react, what they positively respond to, sets the background for a healthy and harmonious life. Knowing your unique skill sets makes you a better game player in your career. And understanding the best way to teach your child allows your child to develop all the facets of his or her personality.

So allow Mind Mapping to open a whole new dimension in your life. Register now!