healing-imgAll good energy healing follows two basic principles – attention and intention. Attention means knowing where to focus the energy and intention is simply the focussed desire to heal. Seemingly simple, these two precepts define the quality of healing you are receiving.

Healing can be applied to different aspects of your life. Apart from the obvious physical healing of ailments, alternative healing encompasses emotional, mental and psychological issues as well. Holistic healing can be used effectively to improve relationships, gain focus and to manifest your desires into reality.

The accelerated flow of high frequency energy into the situation or healing treatment means that old blocks and negative energy gets replaced with positive energy. Properly directed to bring about a transformation, this positive energy allows for a healing at various levels, bringing about changes in the receivers mental, emotional and physical energy.

“My daughter had fallen down the stairs and hurt her spinal column very badly. She was all alone in America and no one was there to take proper care of her. When I asked Danovy to help I was very desperate. But in less than 12 hours her pain and swelling had reduced. In two days’ time she was able to sit up and in a week her doctor gave her discharge from the hospital. Till today he cannot explain how she got well so quickly.”
Mrs. P. S. Shah, Mumbai.
“When I first came across the Group Intention Box I was sceptical. But a part of me wanted to try it. In less than a month my son who had not spoken to our family for seven years got in touch with us. Over the next few months all our misunderstandings cleared up and we are now working on building our relationship. For me this is a miracle.”
T. K. Mohanty, Architect, Pondicherry.

The best news is that it does not matter where you are in the world. Our network of healers, holistic practitioners and medical intuitives are ready to help you make the shift to a better quality of health and living. You can, from the comfort of your home, have access to the best healing therapy in the world.

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