Emotional Freedom TechniqueEFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a natural healing tool. It can be described as a form of psychological acupressure, which works with the energy meridians that are used in traditional acupuncture.

Simple tapping with the fingertips on the ends of  the meridians on the face, hands and upper body, act to stimulate and open specific blockages while using statements focusing on the issue being addressed, whether it is a traumatic event, an addiction or a pain. Tapping or holding the meridian points while tuning into the problem causes blocks and distress to melt away rapidly and gently.

The originator Gary Craig developed this remarkable technique based on the principle that an upsetting experience or problem is associated with a disturbance in the body’s energy system.

EFT has proved it efficacy time and time again, on a myriad of physical, emotional and psychological problems. The applications are virtually limitless.


Everyone can benefit from EFT!

Emotional Freedom Technique

It is so simple and yet such a powerful tool that you can use it for literally everything. From release of negative emotions to dissolving painful memories, you can experience true emotional freedom and enter a state of wellness. This basically means that you are free to move forward without the baggage of the past.

You can also use it to increase your personal happiness, health, self worth and also that of your friends and family. The technique is so easy to use that even children can use it and benefit immensely from it.




EFT can help you with:



Fear & Phobias


Pain Relief

Break free from the past

Patterns of abuse

Unhealthy habits

Self defeating behaviour

Weight Loss


And much much more…


Now is the time to break away from old unconscious behaviours that limit you and control your life and your actions.


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