aura-photography-imgEver get the feeling that something is not right in the energy around you? You can feel the imbalance, but you just can’t figure what is wrong?

An aura scan of your home or office energy can give you the answers and point you towards the solutions.

Using photographs taken under certain simple specifications we can decode the photograph, showing you clearly the areas of stress and low energy. This knowledge enables you to make the changes needed to enhance the quality of your life.

Personal Use

You can see your Aura or that of a loved one. Since your aura contains information about you, your stress levels, state of mind and emotions, this is a quick and efficient way of understanding what is happening in your energy body. No matter where you are in the world, you are just a photograph away from deep and valuable insights into yourself.

Home & Office

Since our environment reflects what is happening in our life, energy blockages around us automatically block the flow of energy in our personal and professional life. Certain rooms tend to collect old stagnant energy. People sensitive to energy may feel these areas to be ‘dead’ or as cold spots or heavy.

You now have the unique opportunity to see your surroundings from the energy perspective. The basis of Feng Shui, understanding the energy in your environment empowers you to make changes and bring about positive results in all areas of your life.

You can also use this facility to determine the energy of crystals, gemstones and other healing tools. You can also see the effects of spiritual healing on the physical body.


 Frontal View -1 Head to Abdomen – 2 Abdomen to Feet
  Back View - 3 Head to Abdomen – 4 Abdomen to Feet

These are the specifications for the photographs:
 Wear white cottons or linen.

 The background wall should be matt white, smooth & clean.

 Stand about 2.25m away from the camera/tripod.

 Light should be evenly distributed on the subject area.

 The camera should be level with the target region (area to be scanned).

 Keep camera horizontal to the floor. Aim for a direct shot.

 Photographs to taken on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after eating.

 Photograph should be in JPG format and not exceed 1MB.

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