Angels, guardian spirits, faeries and devas, surround us all the time. Whether we are in the park, on the beach, in office or fast asleep in bed, we have access to divine energy and wisdom at all times. Most of the time, however, we are unaware of this beautiful realm of angelic guidance.

Our Angel Healing Workshop is designed to open your senses and your mind to this wonderful energy. You will contact and connect with your Guardian Angels, your Angel Guides and the Ascended Masters. The course includes simple and practical exercises which open your intuition and your inner senses while raising your energy to a subtler level, increasing your ability to see and hear your angels and the guidance they bring you.

You will learn to trust yourself and the guidance you receive from the Angels and work in harmony with them to live a spiritually and materially abundant life.

Healing with the angels, doing Angel Readings, solving problems with their help and meeting wonderful like-minded people are a few of the benefits you will walk away with.

The Angels are always with you, ready to help you create the life you want. Allow yourself to experience the joy and wonder of the miracles they bring about as you open yourself to their love and guidance.

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