heaven-scent-imgEver wondered why the fragrance of freshly made food is so comforting or why roses make women go misty eyed? The ability to smell is a powerful tool that has the capacity to instantaneously alter our moods.

Molecules of smell travel up the nose to the limbic system of the brain where our emotions and memory are stored, triggering a reaction that is quickly visible throughout the body. Lavender Essential Oil is well known to have a calming effect on the body and mind. Peppermint Essential Oil on the other hand is known to stimulate and refresh the mind.

Essential oils can also be applied to the skin where they are swiftly absorbed into the blood stream. They have been scientifically proven to kill bacteria and viruses, while raising the body’s immune system. While some oils can be used by themselves, others bloom when combined.

Derived from flowers, leaves, bark, root and stems of plants, essential oils are 100% natural. Most aromatherapy practitioners feel that it is this pure and natural quality of essential oils which adds to their healing ability.

The Heaven Scent range of mystic blends was designed to uplift the senses and raise the user’s vibrational level. Pure sacred oils of lotus, sandalwood, rose, patchouli, myrrh, etc. are used in specific combinations to alter thought patterns by overcoming limitations of the mind.

Our blends range from psychic protection to business generation, from healing hangovers to relieving PMS. Hand blended and individually packed, they are also energised to add to their own potent abilities.

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