My Mentor, my coach. The Best there is…‎‎

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I met Leo a year ago, during one of the most difficult phases of my life. Not sure what to expect as I entered his chamber confused and lost. If you have never heard a more calming and re-assuring voice before I suggest you dial 9867341023 (Leo’s Cell) right now. Nervous about what to expect Leo suggested i do an Aura Scan before we start any sessions. Wow was i impressed at the outcome. From that day onwards my life has changed and taken a totally new dimension, Leo not only was able to accurately pinpoint every single aspect of my life but managed to readily put my whole life into perspective.Life has now changed for me completely since that day! Leo has the incredible ability to not only perceive one’s state of mind and issues but to analyse and explain them simply and logically. The first meditation that I did with him was an indescribable experience! The peace and calm which I attained after each session since then has made me stronger and a more receptive person, in fact it has opened all the windows in my mind and helped me to totally focus on my goals, maintain an inner calmness and expose the more loving and caring attitude that was always within me but had become bitter over the years. Today i have achieved that higher level of nirvana. This Journey that lasted me not more than 15 days has left a huge imprint on my heart and soul. Leo you are, Simply The Best! Today, Leo is my Friend and Coach, my Mentor and Minder. without him life is not so beautiful. Thankyou Leo.

By Randy

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